Dalian, a gas leak in the morning after the evacuation of a number of people admitted to the hospita wegener肉芽肿

Dalian, a gas leak in the morning after the evacuation of a number of people admitted to the hospital, stomach discomfort, dizziness." Millet unable to describe their feelings. 11 pm yesterday, from Beijing to travel even millet should be rushed to the train station to Beijing, but she was admitted to the hospital. In the vicinity of the millet bed, small stone and his girlfriend because of gas poisoning in the treatment…… Yesterday at 2 pm, near the superior seacoast area 14 building the gas leak, after receiving the alarm, police staff, Gas Co from door to door knock, mass evacuation safety evacuation. The reporter learned from the Fifth People’s Hospital, 6 patients were sent after the opening of the Easy Access rescue, currently all patients were conscious, undergoing further treatment. Gas leakage and fire how to do about "coma in the hotel, on the way of being rescued before regaining consciousness" yesterday morning, micro-blog users have announced that the "superior seacoast district gas leak incident, the police knocked on doors to evacuate residents." According to a number of users, the incident has a number of injured people have been rushed to the Fifth People’s hospital. Reporters then learned in the hospital, the patient was sent 6, 4 men and 2 women. In the Fifth People’s Hospital in the second floor of the hospital reporter found a poisoned patient millet two. Millet 30 years old this year, the holiday from Beijing to travel to the eleven. An interview with reporters, millet said he still felt dizziness, stomach discomfort, her pale face, inhaling oxygen. Millet told reporters that she lived in a hotel superior seacoast area, were rescued when they have no consciousness, coma, "I heard that the hotel owner opened the door to me out, on the way to the hospital, I was a little sense when barefoot, feeling cold." Currently, millet in hospital for treatment, she is also working with family members to deal with follow-up. "Home gas alarm sounded, helped his girlfriend escape from the millet bed is near the small stone and his girlfriend, two people look a bit better, sitting on the bed, around a few friends to visit. Small stone told reporters, 3 in the morning, he suddenly heard the home of the gas alarm sounded, his first reaction to their own gas leakage. I was quick to check the gas at home, and did not find the phenomenon of leakage, it is aware of the gas leakage outside. Then call around my girlfriend, she was already remain unconscious." Stone said that although the incident suddenly, he felt nausea and weakness, but still calmly lifted his girlfriend fled. "Out of the house, I found the police, property personnel are evacuated tenants." Small stone said. "Someone knocking at the door to evacuate residents to evacuate from door to door," in the interview, many residents told reporters that they are in their sleep by wake up, didn’t know there was a gas leak, then quickly ran downstairs to wear clothes. The Lee family lived in building 14, according to him, in his sleep he suddenly heard someone knocking at the door in the corridor, "a gas leak, hurry up and leave!" Hearing the cry, Mr. Li Ran downstairs. "When I went downstairs to see dozens of residents have been evacuated, some with a quilt, some holding a pillow, standing on the street and shivering." Mr. Li said. A micro-blog users also for reporters, "the police.相关的主题文章: