Hunan five years of new highway 43 km 3267 特命战队go busters

Hunan five years of new highway 43 3267 km Changsha evening news (reporter Wu Xinfan) yesterday, the provincial government held a meeting to the construction of the new Hunan series press conference. Reporters learned that, in 12th Five-Year, Hunan to accelerate the construction of the highway as the leading transport infrastructure, and strive to build an integrated transport system. At the end of last year, Hunan highway mileage leapt to the forefront, accelerate the optimization and upgrading of the rural road network structure, traffic cross domain development, modern inland shipping system took shape, provides support for the construction of powerful rich and beautiful happy new Hunan. All Township cement (Li Qing Road) the provincial transportation department responsible person, five years of the completion of 43 new highway 3267 kilometers, the total highway mileage reached 5653 kilometers, ranking jumped to sixth place; built general highway 10036 kilometers, the province’s highway mileage of 236886 kilometers; the construction of rural highway 44114 to achieve 100% kilometers, the conditions of the towns and villages formed cement (Li Qing road). Development of inland water transport also ushered in the golden age". Hunan five years to add more than 1000 ton berths, the new port throughput capacity of 101 million 400 thousand tons by the year of 15. The thousand tons and above 700 km waterway, the existing port 63, modern inland shipping system took shape. Transport security, Hunan five years to build more than two car passenger station 39, passenger station, 589 Township rural taxi station 18448, the new road passenger lines 2060. The province’s operating cars, ships, urban public transport, taxi number reached 440535, respectively, 7140, 22030, 35991. The maintenance level among the nation over the past five years, Hunan traffic investment 385 billion 600 million yuan, exceeding the planned investment of 35 billion 600 million yuan, is "1.59 times" in 11th Five-Year, a record, can pull more than 1 trillion yuan of investment. The way to fix the more well over the past five years, Hunan through innovative ideas and initiatives to strengthen the management and maintenance, in the State Department of transportation organization to carry out the "12th Five-Year" national highway maintenance management inspection, Hunan ranked twelfth, 10 higher than at the "11th Five-Year". Among them, the highway excellent road rate of 100%, ranking the first place, for the first time to enter the ranks of the nation’s advanced, the magnitude of the progress of the first in the country. "13th Five-Year" will be the county Expressway at present, "Hunan province transportation" 13th Five-Year "development plan" formally promulgated and implemented. "13th Five-Year" period, Hunan transportation infrastructure, a total investment of 405 billion yuan, of which 175 billion yuan investment in highway, rural road station investment of 52 billion yuan, 15 billion yuan of investment, investment of 23 billion yuan. "13th Five-Year" period, the province’s total highway mileage will reach 7000 km, the basic form of "six vertical and seven horizontal highway network, including expressway of Shimen, yet Sangzhi, Guzhang, Xiangyin, Anhua, Suining, Chengbu, 8, Shuangpai County, the province’s 12.相关的主题文章: