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Master guy found cardiac arrest risk is the number of units from the newspaper news (reporter Hu Fangyuan correspondent Gao Ting) Master graduates rejected a number of enterprises, the reason is in the entry examination, diagnosed with preexcitation syndrome, cardiac arrest caused the risk of sudden death. This year, 25 year old Wuhan guy Zhang, a master’s degree graduates of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, after graduating from the job to receive a number of business invitations. In the subsequent unit of physical examination, he was diagnosed with preexcitation syndrome, and these units all declined his job. Zhang feel helpless at the same time, but also feel very surprised: why the annual physical examination did not find abnormal? The people’s Hospital of Wuhan University, Department of Cardiology director Huang said, comprehensive pre excitation syndrome in patients with accessory pathways in the heart, this disease is congenital, can pre excited ventricular, abnormal ventricular fibrillation and other symptoms, can cause severe brain ischemia and hypoxia, loss of consciousness, or even permanent damage to the brain. In general only routine examination, ECG and X-ray which reflect two heart health the most basic examination, such as cardiomyopathy, hypertensive heart disease, congenital heart disease, but also do echocardiography; as for coronary heart disease, you also need to do coronary angiography or cardiovascular CT to clear. He reminded, over the age of 40 men and women over the age of 45, and suffering from hypertension, diabetes, high blood fat people, and life is hot tempered, work pressure, excessive alcohol, body obesity and family history of cardiovascular disease, is the high incidence of cardiovascular disease group. In addition, if you find yourself to increase physical activity, there will be chest stuffy pain situation, check the best time, nip in the bud.相关的主题文章: