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Religion Chapter 12 1-7 Daniel,a prophet and revealer of dreams,was told to write these prophecies just over 2,600 years ago.It was the time when Nebuchadnezzar,king of Babylon,came to Jerusalem and lay siege to it.Some of the sons of Israel,also of the royal offspring and of the nobles were taken to the land of Shinar.Daniel interpreted the dreams of the king and was rewarded by being made ruler over the province of Babylon.The interpretation of one dream was of a tree that grew strong and reached up to the heavens.Daniel told the king it was he who had become strong and his rulership had spread throughout the entire earth.A holy one came down from heaven saying,chop the tree down,but leave its rootstock in the ground and let seven times(2,520 years)pass over it until you know that the Most High rules the kingdom of mankind and gives it to whom he wishes.The seven times came to its fulfilment at the beginning of world war one and there was only one worthy of inheriting Gods kingdom and that was his son,Christ Jesus.When Daniel wrote his prophecies,he only knew Jesus then as Michael,the great prince who has charge of your people,Christ Jesus was the promised Shiloh,he had yet then to make his appearance on earth.World war one began,a time of trouble as had never been seen since there was a nation till that time.Jesus was now established in Gods Heavenly Kingdom and deliverance was promised to those who’s name is found written in the book.There are many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake,some to everlasting life and some to reproaches and some to everlasting contempt.Those who are wise and have insight will shine like the brightness of the heavens and those who turn people to righteousness,like the stars of the heavens,for ever and ever.Daniel was to conceal the words and seal the book until the time of the end,many will stray like lost sheep and true knowledge will be made known. Vision of When Nations Return In a vision,Daniel sees a stream,there are two men,one man on the bank of the stream this side and one man on the bank of the stream the other side. The word stream means,where people will stream,from the man on this side of the stream to the man on the other side of the stream.At Isaiah 2 2 he wrote,in the latter days,the house of the Lord shall be established and to it all the nations shall stream there.There was also another man,he was clothed in linen,he was hovering above the waters of the stream.Then one man on the banks of the stream asked the man hovering above the waters of the stream, how long shall it be till the end of these wonders.?The man above the waters raised his right hand and then his left hand up towards heaven and swore by him who lives forever,it will be for a time,and times and half a time.So it would be three and a half times and that is 1,260 years to the end of these wonders and then nations would stream across to the man on the other side of the stream.What are these wonders?In revelation chapter 21 verse 5 God said,Behold I am making all things new.He is speaking of the recreation after armageddon.It will take 1,260 years to put earth back into its former state before nations stream to it.All of this harmonizes with Revelation chapter 12 13,the woman(Gods Kingdom)flees to her place in the wilderness,to a place prepared by God,there she is fed,that is,the 144,00 chosen ones are fed spiritual righteousness and prepared for their marriage to the lamb.The time the woman there is 1,260 years,this is the same length of time and at the same time as the recreation 1,260 years.During the time the woman is away,Christ Jesus will be assisting God in the recreation,because everything is created through him.After the 1,260 years come to a end,the woman will take her rightful place in the heavens,to rule earth with Christ Jesus and the chosen ones for the thousand years. How to work out biblical times A TIME = 360 YEARS A YEAR = 360 DAYS A MONTH = 30 DAYS THREE TIMES = 1,080 YEARS HALF A TIMES = 180 YEARS TOTAL = 1,260 YEARS About the Author: 相关的主题文章: