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The Cash Flow Analysis Coach – Cash Flow Management Coaching Hi, Sandra Simmons here from Money Management Solutions. Today I want to talk with you about the benefits of cash flow management coaching. Every professional needs a coach. Even when they are winning! A coach is there to help push and guide the professional beyond what they thought possible. A coach is tough and relentless in ensuring the professional is working toward his or her optimum, and offers support throughout the process to ensure the attainment of a specific result. What difference would it make to the financial stability of your business if you had a financial coach working with you? I use a tried and proven system of financial control that ensures the business will prosper, will have no debt, and will pay you – the owner – what you deserve to be paid! I’ve done accounting, tax preparation and money management coaching for over 20 years, so I know what I’m doing. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and dug them out of the depths of despair and turned them into “Financial Athletes” worthy of a Gold Medal. Here are a few of the industries my clients work in. You’ll notice there are retailers, manufacturers, construction companies, hotels, restaurants, real estate brokers and agents, transportation services, auto mechanics, small service businesses, and healthcare providers such as dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, optometrists, and podiatrists. Even accounting firms have used my services. Let’s take a look at what it is like to have a money management coach. A business owner has a problem with cash flow and profitability. He’s concerned about the problem, but doesn’t know exactly how to go about fixing it. He’s also concerned about the time it will take him away from sales or production to fix the problem Here are some typical examples of common cash flow problems business owners would like to get solved. They want to know 1 – How to increase income & profits 2 – How to control cash flow better 3 – How to pay off credit card debt 4 – How to get ahead of the 8-Ball on paying expenses 5 – How to pay for business expansion, and 6 – how to get money into savings to build long-term wealth. Bottom line, they are tired of being controlled by how much money they have in their bank account. They want to reverse that so they are in control of their cash flow. The Professional coach quickly identifies the necessary solution and works directly with the business owner on the problem to get it fixed in a very short time and offers ongoing support if it is needed. Here are a few examples of the tools that I use in my cash flow management coaching: I Review the financial situation to identify areas of concern in cash flow management to identify areas where spending seems too high and can be cut back without harming production, and areas where spending seems too low to adequately support production of income and acquiring new customers I identify categories where spending could possibly trigger an IRS audit in the future, and categories that are missing that could potentially be leaving profits or tax deductions lying on the table. And, I analyze the current debt load and determine how to reduce it or eliminate it quickly I review the business owner’s financial goals to determine how best to meet those goals through improved cash flow allocation and management in the business. I develop the budget for the business to determine the correct sales and income planning target to do much better than break even. And we work through the Sales and Income Planning Drill™ to immediately boost income and profitability to exceed break even. We work through the Business Checklist To Increase Profits™ workbook to implement all 22 points of correct cash flow management to achieve financial goals. We do a review of marketing and promotion vehicles and offers to identify areas that need attention to increase ROI (Return on Investment) and increase new customer counts, and determine marketing plan costs for the budget. We implement the Money Management Solutions® software system to enable the business owner to correctly manage their cash flow themselves in the future. Here’s a testimonial from Mark, the owner of a manufacturing facility: “The Money Management System and Sandra’s help allowed me to fix my financial problems and change the way I do business resulting in surviving this economic turmoil. I know for a fact that I would not have been able to save my business without this change.” That result should be the result of working with a coach. You see, here’s a PROVEN TRUTH Managed money works harder, goes further, and accomplishes more than money that is spent without a plan. As a coach, it’s my responsibility to formulate the plan and see that it is completed so a good result is achieved. So let me ask you 3 questions. 1 – What worries you most about the current financial scene in your business? 2 – How do you feel about your ability to solve your financial problems on your own? 3 – If you had a money management coach that helped you dramatically improve your financial condition, what would that be worth to you? To learn more about the benefits of cash flow management coaching for your business, I invite you to visit he resource box at the bottom of this article. Thank You Business Owners, Sandra Simmons Cash Flow Business Coach 相关的主题文章: