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Computers-and-Technology In order to ensure security to the governments IT environment, the U.S. government has established the FISMA or The Federal Information Security Management Act. FISMA comprises of a set of guidelines that aid in the planning, budgeting, implementation and maintenance of security by federal agencies. Each of the federal agencies have to develop, document and implement security plans for IT systems and data, for their personal systems as well as those belonging to other agencies. Understanding FISMA The federal agencies responsible are graded annually which determines the strength of the security systems of each agency. Any agency with a low grade is considered a vulnerable target for all sorts of cyber attacks. A low grade can diminish the reputation of an agency and affect its performance. Agencies with bad performance results may be penalized by the Office of Management and Budget or OMB by delaying or withdrawing of funds. So, if you are one of the federal agencies walking the tightrope and maintaining your balance, then you need to go in for a secure governance, risk and compliance management program which offers you an automated and unified framework for IT compliance. Such a program helps by duly fulfilling the requirements of the FISMA framework such as maintaining an inventory of information systems, categorization of information and information systems based on the levels of risk involved, security controls, risk assessment, security plan for the system, certification and accreditation and non-stop monitoring. Benefits of a Unified Solution for FISMA Compliance a) A unified IT compliance program has an infrastructure that customizes the requirements of each agency, thus reducing the time and costs. Due to its consistent nature it dispels all apprehensions connected with compliance. b) It demands a very low investment but promises high returns due to its cloud-based services. The SaaS model with its on-premise deployment facilities provides cost-effective means to comply with the FISMA framework. c) It provides a clear view of the compliance status maintained by the various units across various geographic locations through a centralized dashboard, and provides reports for auditing purposes. d) The web-based interface provides easy access and control for work flow, document management, compliance scanning and inventories. e) It handles vulnerability management functions effectively by scanning and integrating compliance related information obtained from various sources and matches them with compliance signatures. f) It provides reminders to people for maximization of compliance related tasks, and manages activities and exceptions that are relevant to compliance. g) It provides exhaustive audit trails of all actions based on compliance. A unified compliance management program with its automated features can be very helpful in fisma compliance. It takes care of all threats, vulnerability and risk management issues by setting up an efficient policy framework with high levels of confidentiality, integrity, availability and accountability. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: