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Travel-and-Leisure Imagine yourself with that Skydiving Gift Voucher you were given as a gift as you look through the door of the aeroplane the adrenaline builds it’s your turn to exit the aeroplane next, you gaze down at the ground below to see the tiny houses then while you hurtle towards the ground with the wind rushing through your hair until you pull the cord and gently drift back down-to-earth. Skydiving is an activity that can be performed indoors or outdoors from real aeroplane. Wind Tunnel Skydiving is hugely popular with many sites round the country so if you’re looking for skydiving in Manchester or indoor skydiving Bedford then we have several options for. At you can compare over 95 skydiving gift experiences from top retailers including Airkix Indoor Skydiving. This totally unique experience allows to you personally feel the sheer exhilaration of skydiving, in a specially constructed wind tunnel, the likes of which might be usually used to test the aerodynamics of F1 racing cars! After all the necessary training you’ll walk into the airflow and taste the rush and excitement of freefall in a totally safe and controlled environment, and what ‘s more, its suitable for almost anyone from age 5 so even the kids can have a go. If fresh air is more your thing a actual Parachuting experience is what you’ll need, at we are able to take you from being a novice right through to an accelerated freefall jump. Static Line Course After completing an in-depth training course using your instructor you’ll be able to jump and fly your own modern "square" parachute and experience the sense of achievement and thrill that can only come from doing it by yourself. Once trained you will be helped in your parachute equipment and then make your way to the jump plane with your instructor. Once you reach 3,200ft, your training kicks in as the instructor invites you to make that first jump. Seconds later your parachute opens automatically and you guide yourself down to the landing area whilst enjoying a whole new perspective on the countryside during a truly unforgettable descent. Tandem Skydiving Offers the full skydiving experience without the need for extensive ground instruction. During the aircraft ascent, you’ll get a scenic view of the Wiltshire and Oxfordshire countryside. Your tandem instructor will securely attach you to the dual harness parachute system. You’ll exit the aircraft together from 10000ft and freefall for up to 40 seconds with your instructor right behind you. After your parachute is opened, you will enjoy a breathtaking flight that will last another four to six minutes. Accelerated Free Fall Programme Is the first step in obtaining your skydiving licence. This is now the world’s most popular training method for graduating student skydivers. There are eight levels for you to complete before you are awarded your BPA licence. Each jump requires you to demonstrate your skills in a different manner during freefall. Just select which skydiving gift voucher is right for you and where possible compare the experience with different retailers. When you have selected that fantastic experience that is perfect for you, you will be delivered to the chosen retailer’s website where one can buy your skydiving experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: