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Fashion-Style The scent of a woman Stacey Solomon has achieved much since she first appeared on X Factor with her funny laugh and strange hyperventilated voice. Who would have thought at that early stage that not only could she sing beautifully, but that she would actually come third in the X Factor competition behind Olly Murs and X Factor winner, Joe McElderry. Since those heady days, Stacey Solomon could easily have slipped from the public gaze but her stint in Im a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here saw her crowned Queen of the Jungle despite being chosen by the public to undertake almost every horrible task. Celebrity Mother of the Year, Stacey Solomon is the face and voice of the supermarket Iceland and has her own Stacey Solomon Perfume in the shops. Smile fragrances could be forgiven for producing another of the womens fragrances that smells OK but is nothing special. From all accounts, Stacey Solomon has devised one of those womens perfumes that is actually quite good. According to my nose expert, Smile has base notes of sandalwood, amber and cedar, a hint of citrus lemon and sharp black pepper, complemented with notes of plum, rose, orchid and jasmine. If words could denote smell, then those words smell pretty good but, of course, the only true test is whether out of all the female fragrances on the market, do people buy Smile or select TFB by Tulisa or one of the multitude of famous female perfumes? Stacey Solomon is pregnant with her second child and is also engaged to be married. Her life is not orthodox in any way and yet there is something charmingly ordinary about Stacey that makes her so enchanting. Perhaps it is the fact that she has the courage to step out of her comfort zone and face a challenge. At Christmas, Celebrity Mastermind selects unfortunate celebrities who are forced to face the dramatic music and the black chair for charity. Stacey Solomon gave it a go and although she knew little about her specialist subject, The Inbetweeners, the entertainment value was superb There will be womens fragrances that have grander names attached to them and female perfumes that enjoy decades of tradition, such as Chanel. But none of them will bring a smile to your face the way that Stacey Solomon, X Factor loser but one of lifes winners, will surely do. In March, Stacey releases her debut album and in may her second child will be born. Every year for Stacey is a good year because that is her way. And every occasion deserves a Smile If you are looking to stock your store with a perfumes or fragrances to which there is a human story then you should seriously take a look at Smile. For customers, the cowards way when buying scent or perfume is to go for a classic such as Chanel but if you want to show some imagination, to create a talking point, then Smile by Stacey Solomon is surely up there with the other X Factor stars frangrance, TFB by Tulisa, whose group Little Mix won the X Factor final in 2011. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: