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Arts-and-Entertainment Baisakhi festival is celebrated every year which marks the beginning of a solar year and also beginning of a new harvesting season. It is mainly celebrated by the Sikhs as an annual festival and is an important festival of India. The Baisakhi festival is also referred to as Vaisakhi and is holiday is declared on this day to celebrate the festival. It dates back to when Guru Teg Bahadur was beheaded and then his son Guru Gobind Singh occupied the throne with the motive of winning hearts of the fellowmen. The Sikhs has been celebrating Baisakhi for years, but the Hindus and Buddhists also actively participate in this unique festival. Across India it is celebrated in many states. People exchange gifts on this auspicious occasion. Baisakhi is basically celebrated for the harvest of rabi crops. In the State of Punjab, which is basically agriculture based and is practiced in most part of the states. This led rise to so much popularity of this festival. On this day every Sikhs enjoy it through the Bhangra dance where the music from the dhol enchants everybody. It is truly a colorful festival as men and women dress themselves in beautiful clothes. The celebrations might differ a bit from one state to another. The Sikhs on this day gather together and seek the blessings of Guru Amar Das. Hindus also celebrate this festival and they view it more as spiritual guidance related to Vedas. In the region of Gaya, Buddhists view it more as the enlightenment of Gautam Buddha under the Mahabodhi tree. The day starts with Sikhs worshipping in their Gurdwaras (places of worship) and prays for their family and relatives. It starts in the early morning. During the ceremonies, the holy book is being bathed in water and milk before it is read. Along with this Amrita is prepared for the devotees who sip it five times and seek blessings for the harvest. If you happen to attend one of these ceremonies then you will be surely offered the Karah Prasad which you must consume and you cannot refuse it. This is because the Prasad is considered very sacred and consuming it resembles seeking the blessings of Guru. Even this Prasad is prepared with much rules and regulations. The Prasad is kept on the special tool and the cooking utensils used along with it must be cleaned and washed thoroughly. About the Author: Paarth Republic Lucknow Paarth Republic Kanpur Road 3 Bhk Flats in Paarth Republic Kanpur Road 3 Bhk Flats in Paarth Republic Lucknow Paarth Republic lucknow kanpur highway 相关的主题文章: