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Health While most of us will contract a urinary tract infection during our lives, woman are more prone to be affected. Nearly every woman will be affected by this condition at least once during her life time. Although Urinary tract infections normally affect the bladder and urethra, it is not uncommon to affect any part of the urinary system. While these type of infections affect mainly women, mostly they are slight to mild infections. More severe infections can become very serious, especially if the condition spreads towards the ureters and kidneys. As one of the common infections around, it is of no surprise that there are many conditions that can lead to you developing a urinary tract infection. Our urinary system’s have their own defense system to protect us from these infections but the cause are many. A low immune system, sexual activity or using diaphragms can all lead to contracting this infection. Prostate and kidney issues can also lead to picking up a urinary tract infection. Women during menopause have a high chance of catching the infection due to lower estrogen levels. Doctors tend to give sufferers of UTI’s antibiotics to deal with the infection. These antibiotics have been over-prescribed and have started to cause more problems as the bacteria have started to develop and can now not be beaten by the antibiotics. In effect, the germs have outwitted the medicine. Not only this, but the bacterias are now becoming stronger and doing more damage to our overall immune system. Luckily, safer options exist and becoming more and more common. We will discuss some of the natural antibiotics that can be taken for an urinary tract infections: Echinacea has been a very common natural remedy and is used for a number of illnesses including urinary tract infections. Antioxidants in vitamins A, C & E help to decrease any inflammation while the echinacea will also kick start our immune systems to start working effectively against the infection. Alfalfa juice is another natural remedy that contains antioxidant properties that can help increase kidney function and reduce the swelling during the urinary tract infection. Not only is Cranberry juice tasty but it has the ability to help with urinary tract infections. The cranberries introduce extra acidity that frustrate any bacteria that is still in the urinary tract. Goldenseal can also be taken as a treatment for urinary tract infections. Goldenseal can prevent the bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract walls by using a element called berberine, which is also a good natural antibiotic that fights against bacteria. Kelp holds within its health many benefits, an ability to work as a natural antibiotic. With high levels of Iodine, bacteria is destroyed and infections ineffective. Kelp has also been used for hundreds of years in many Asian cultures. Oregano oil has been an integral component in Mediterranean cuisine for generations. Research into the health benefits of oregano oil have demonstrated that it contain properties that can treat urinary tract infections. Antioxidants released by Oregano oil can also deal with inflammation that the infection brings. Natural antibiotics can be used for many more illnesses and viruses, not only urinary tract infections. To learn more about how natural antibiotics work and what other treatments they have, please visit natural antibiotics. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: