Association Between Wine And Mortality By 葛宇路被记过处分 山西煤矿发生滑坡

Association Between Wine And Mortality By: devi | May 21st 2007 – Many of the respected studies on population prove that consuming alcohol such as wine, beer or spirits in moderation is been related with an increased life expectancy. Researchers report that even though considerable decreases in mortality risk for regular drinkers could be attributed to lessen danger or heart disease, this … Tags: Health Benefits Of Red Wine By: devi | Apr 29th 2007 – Several times this question has been raised, whether the red wine is good for heart disease or not. May be yes, many studies investigated the benefits of red wine for heart disease. It is suggested that moderate amount of red wine reduces the risk of heart attack for middle age people by 40 to 50 percent. Tags: 相关的主题文章: