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Home-Improvement With all the back-to-school sales, last minute beach reservations, and Labor Day barbecue plans going around, its pretty clear that summer is winding down. In fact, it probably wont be long before were writing about how to shut down your air conditioner for the winter! Until then, however, youre probably going to want to make sure your air conditioner is well maintained so that you can enjoy your summer! Here are a couple of AC tips you can still use until youre ready to pack up your AC for good. Cover or remove window A/C units to avoid exposing them to harsh winter weather. Clean your unit and store it in a dry location for the winter. After you remove your air conditioner, you can install weather stripping to reduce air leaks in your window frame. Check the coils and fins, and wipe away any dust and dirt that has accumulated on them. Remove dirt, leaves and other debris from around your outdoor air conditioner unit. This debris can cause moisture problems, and may cause issues with your air conditioners heat exchanger if it gets inside your system. Pick a time when you know the weather will be nice for the next few days, and hose off the outdoor unit to get rid of caked-on dirt and debris–make sure you disconnect the power to your unit first. Let it dry completely, and then cover it. Cover your outdoor unit to protect it from rain, sleet and snow, but dont enclose it completely. A confined space gives critters a place to hide, and increases the likelihood of moisture, rust and mold. Its better to lay a sheet of plywood over top of the unit, or drape a cover over it. Drain water hoses. If your air conditioner has a valve to shut off the water, be sure to close it after you drain the hoses and pipes. Examine the wire on your window unit for worn or worn spots. It is going to eventually need to be replaced. Use drapes and blinds to dam the sun from warming rooms therefore your A/C doesnt exhaust it through overheating. Once you have completed the instructions above, you will be ready to shut your system off for the cooler months. Maintaining your unit will ensure that when summer rolls around again your air conditioning unit will work at full capacity. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: