it must also have one for its employees. This is called the “Employer Brand” 暑期学生整容热 台风玛娃即将登陆

Advertising Recruitment advertisements are a significant part of the advertising industry, but they are completely different from any other advertisement. For one, recruitment advertisements are from companies who may actually pay those who respond to their ads, unlike other advertisements where people see the ad and flock off to spend some hard-earned money. This makes recruitment advertising a highly specialized task, which is conducted mostly by agencies who specialize in this type of advertising alone. The key to recruitment advertising lies in showing the company’s positive qualities as an employer. Just as an establishment has a code of conduct for its customers, it must also have one for its employees. This is called the "Employer Brand", which is what allows a company to hire the best of workers. In the end, who wants to work for a company that drives them like slaves and offers few outside benefits… no matter how high the pay? Recruitment ad agencies help companies find the best candidates, by placing their ads in the best places for the purpose. The ads may be placed only on the Internet, or in newspapers, magazines, pamphlets or other targeted publications. The Internet is by far the widest-reaching and most economical mode of advertising, and is preferred by most companies unless the job search requires candidates from a very specific location. Some agencies have their own job boards, which are constantly accessed by a stream of job-seekers, while others prefer to work on the company’s own recruitment page, optimizing it for search engines and some highly specific search keys. The quality of a recruitment ad is judged mostly on the same basis as any other advertisement, except that the "call to action" is much clearer and more detailed in this case. The advertisement should have a very clear banner and heading, such as "JK Company Hiring Sales Personnel". This is the part that attracts the job-seeker’s attention, and those who wish to apply for the post will definitely read on beyond that. All necessary information should be clearly and concisely presented. If the company is conducting an open interview, the date, time and place should be specified. If resumes are to be submitted, then the address for submission – via email or post – should be clearly written down, not just as a "contact" address. If jobs are highly in demand, putting up minimum requirements and expected salary can also help narrow down the influx of job-seekers. The primary reason why most corporate employers use recruitment advertising services is that they can transfer all the responsibility into the agency’s hands. The agency will leverage old and new media and job boards, design the best possible campaign, and deliver the best candidate to the company’s hands. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: