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Reference-and-Education The late disastrous economic recession has been challenging the financial status of families throughout the country, especially those of the middle class. Single parents are loaded with the responsibilities of raising their children as well as coping with the duties of their jobs to earn the income that would aid in supporting the needs of their children. Scholarships for single fathers are opening gateways for eligible candidates to earn college degrees which would help them find better career opportunities. Single dads, who skip college education, often do so to save time to comply with their parental obligations. On the other hand, most of those fathers prefer to spend most of their time working rather than studying. Accordingly, the lack of a college degree is usually translated into jobs that are low paying and cannot efficiently support their families. However, this unpleasant deadlock is going to be altered as now, the federal government is granting many opportunities that would help those fathers return to college and earn their degrees. The federal educational grants are designed to help low income Americans, especially single parents, to complete their high school studies and even go to college, if that’s what they prefer to do. The amount of funds offered may reach up to 10000 dollars per year; however, the offered grant is proportionate to your annual income. In order to qualify for receiving an educational grant, you must provide documents which clarify your present financial situation and your annual income. To qualify for receiving federal scholarships, you should fill a free application for federal student aid (FAFSA). The form is universalized for all schools and colleges, so that every school and college can easily access all the applicants’ data. FAFSA can now be easily filed through their official web site. Initially, you will be asked to determine your dependency status. Thereafter, you will fill the form which in most cases would take no more than 10 minutes. Some documents are required to be presented with your FAFSA; these include: – A valid social security number – 2009 W-2 forms and documents that clarify all other sources of income – Records of incomes that are exempted from taxation including veteran benefit records, child support funds and worker’s compensations – Copies of statements of bank accounts – Data regarding personal businesses, commercial mortgages, stock and other forms of investments As a high percentage of single fathers are struggling throughout America to earn their living, scholarships for single fathers are offering true chances to them to earn college degrees that would be of crucial benefit to their families’ standards of living. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: