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Mobile-Cell-Phone Samsung took Android hype to a new level when it launched the Galaxy S; it is the 1st Android gadget to have a genuinely worldwide launch and to hit all US carriers within weeks. T-Mobile markets the phone under the name Samsung Vibrant but the hardware features and functionality are the same for other carriers who use the extra well-liked Galaxy S moniker. Although T-Mobile does consist of a couple of software frills with its edition of the phone, we believe the Galaxy S is an exceptional smartphone regardless of which cell phone carrier you choose and may well make Apple slightly nervous. Design Like all other Galaxy S phones, it is all about the screen. The 4-inch Super AMOLED display dominates the front of your Epic 4G, surrounded by an all-black bezel. What makes this machine various than its cross-carrier cousins is its distinctive slide-out keyboard, which packs five rows of backlit goodness. Mainly because of this amenity, the 5.5-ounce Epic 4G weighs extra than the Captivate for AT&T (4.5) along with the Vibrant for T-Mobile (4.2) ounces. The Epic 4G is also understandably thicker than both of those phones (.56 inches vs. .4 inches)! We think this trade-off is worth it for the fantastic typing experience, but you’ll definitely notice the extra bulk in your pocket and when holding this machine up to your head. On the other hand, the Epic 4G is lighter than the Evo 4G (6 ounces) and also the Droid 2 (6 ounces), which also includes a slide out keyboard. Display The screen common to all Galaxy S variants is easily their defining trait. We already saw the benefits of what Super AMOLED can do just recently with the Wave, but in many ways what we saw on the Vibrant took it to an additional level. Samsung still gave it an 800×480 resolution, but at four inches (versus 3.3 on the Wave) it is better for camera and video tasks as well as the on-screen keyboard. It is outdoor viewable, unlike most pre-Super AMOLED screens, and also the touch-sensitivity is well calibrated; you’re not likely to make accidental presses. Side by side with an iPhone, the differences in contrast are immediately noticeable, and even the iPhone 4 isn’t necessarily far more vivid. Keyboards Those who feel that pairing a big 4-inch display with a physical keyboard is overkill should try the Epic 4G 1st. This layout is spacious but also provides outstanding tactile feedback (and a satisfying click as you type)! And unlike other slider phones we’ve tested with dedicated number rows, Samsung didn’t position this 1 too close to the bottom in the display. At 1st we had trouble building up speed mainly because of just how spacious this keyboard is, but overall it is a pleasure to use. We also appreciate that separate Menu, Back, Home and Search buttons flank the letters. Our only real complaint is that there isn’t a dedicated @ symbol key like you’ll find on the Motorola Droid and Droid 2; you have to press the Fn key 1st. Interface Samsung’s TouchWiz 3. interface on the Vibrant is similar to that on the Wave and has far more than a slight hint of iPhone-like navigation: four icons are always lined up along the bottom, and also the home screens give room for much far more. Of course, Android is very unique in practice: notably, the home screen is merely a place for shortcuts, not the app launcher itself, and supports widgets that Apple doesn’t. It is here that Galaxy S phones shows 1 of its initial advantages over the Wave, as Android gives the freedom to install extra widgets where Bada is so far locked to what Samsung gives out in the box. Performance Under the hood, the Vibrant sports the same specifications as other Galaxy S versions, if still impressive ones: it uses a Samsung-designed 1GHz processor and carries 16GB of internal storage with a microSDHC card slot for a lot more. The chip speed is, in many ways, a big part of what defines the experience: unlike even Motorola’s Droid 2 or Droid X, the OS and apps almost respond instantly, which makes using the phone feel very natural. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: