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Internet-Marketing Have you ever looked at a sales page for a product and cringed at the blatant, "salesy", and overhyped tone of an ad ? If you have, then there is one simple solution, DON’T SELL that particular product. Personally, I have a high tolerance for "salesy" ad copy, but even I am sometimes left shaking my head at a sales page. Of course we all know that salesmen make the most money because the sale has to take place before all the menial thoughtless laborers can go about their job. No sale, no delivery, no work, no employee, no nothing. It will always be that way even if braindead Americans continue to elect "hopey", "changy" politicians that want to fundamentally transform us. If you’re a Democrat, please send your hate mail to: George Bush, Crawford Texas Salesmen provide the greatest service……PERIOD. Barack Hussein Obama for instance is like a door to door salesmen we let in our house and now we regret it. Oh yeah, he was charming with a nice smile and no receeding hair line (which is all you need for a portion of our voters) but now we’ve had him in our house awhile and we’re starting to regret it. Barack Obama sold us on himself. Words are powerful things and he used them brilliantly, and the bottom line is that you have to use words brilliantly yourself or you’ll have to get a job that follows someone else selling something. If you’re an affilate marketer just starting out, if the idea of sales doesn’t sit well with you, then stop before you make yourself miserable. Also, thete’s no rule that says you have to sell money making schemes and products that scammers are known for. It might sound crazy, but you might just want to sell a physical product……crazy I know. My point is to not let yourself get turned off to the most valuable skill you can have. Noone is more valuable good sales people. If you’re a Democrat, just believe your products are sold for the greater collective good or something….and if you profit and feel all Republicany about it……give it to the Churh ………or spread it around to me…..lol. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: