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UnCategorized All states in USA are strict in the implementation of penalties for DUI violations. Some states like Arizona can have stricter statutes pertinent to this offense. DUI and DWI are sometimes interchanged because some people think of these two as the same offenses. In Arizona DWI is a more common offense than DUI. Whichever offense is committed, the offender will need an Arizona DUI lawyer in his defense. DUI is driving under the influence or drunk driving. DWI on the other hand is driving while intoxicated or driving while impaired. Both are understood to be due to the influence of alcohol or prohibited drugs. The penalty for a violator of this law is dependent on the seriousness of the offense and history of prior criminal record. How is DUI confirmed? An offense falling under driving under the influence is confirmed through a sobriety test which actually is an estimation of your blood alcohol content or BAC. You should not be surprised to have different penalties for the same crimes because every state in USA has its specific laws. Some states like Arizona may have harsher penalties. The seriousness of the offense is also determined by the number of times the offense is committed over time. With an increase in the number of violation is an enhancement on the penalties. Penalties when convicted with DUI Charged and convicted of drunk driving offense, you will be facing a set of penalties. This will include jail term, fines and suspension of your driving license. Additional penalties comprise of installation of ignition interlock devices, confiscation of the vehicle and probation period. This offense is only a misdemeanor case however, when you commit it for the fourth time, the misdemeanor case is converted into Class E Felony. Being charged with felony, you will be under more severe penalties. Another case when your DUI offense falls under Felony is when a minor is inside the vehicle when you were arrested for DUI. A convicted felon will be sentenced with longer imprisonment. You cannot refuse to be subjected to sobriety test because this will mean more serious consequences when the case is brought to court. Actually, the mere fact that you were issued a driving license is an automatic implication that you will always agree to be placed under chemical tests that will determine sobriety. Your refusal to undergo the test will only strengthen the suspicion of intoxication. In some states, your refusal will constitute another offense which can lengthen your jail term and suspension of license. The DUI conviction has further adverse consequence on your employment and insurance policy. Many insurers will decline your application for insurance cover once they discover your cases of driving under the influence. In case the company covers you with insurance, the rate will be high because they will add premium corresponding to your offense. DUI and DWI are both considered to be serious crimes. You may finish serving your penalties but your character remains tarnished for the rest of your life. Thus, when you are arrested for driving under the influence, do not be complacent. Immediately hire an experienced DUI/DWI lawyer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: