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Depression More than 8 million people, in the U.S. only, are suffering from anxiety, so you are not alone. Most anxiety sufferers just get alone with the idea of living with their anxiety, in despite of doing something to cure it. The lack of knowledge and the least time dedicated to research for cures and treatments drive more than 4 million people to chronic anxiety which in most cases is not treated during their life-time. Can you cope with the idea of going a minute longer, having panic attacks in the supermarket or maybe your favorite mall? Here is how I cured myself from anxiety and panic attacks without any medication, just by following simple step by step guides. Anxiety sufferers will fully avoid social situations, most quit their job, they give up having a relation ship and tend to isolate themselves. While other go to their doctors for drug loaded prescription, which may not help. Let me tell you, I have not managed to cure my anxiety with medication, no miracle will happen what so ever. Anxiety medication might calm you down, but that is for the moment, panic attacks will still occur. Medication can also lead to other organic problems such as high blood pressure or even hepatitis, weight gain, stomach pain, dizziness, suicidal thoughts, sexual problems, and the list may continue. Is the a cure for anxiety and panic attacks? You need to know the cause, what triggered it, in order to finally overcome anxiety. Without knowing the cause, or even worse, people tend to hide their thoughts or not recognize their worries, this will only make things worse. Try to find the cause, but the real cause that triggered your anxiety and admit it. Do not go a moment longer with your anxiety, it can be cured. In general anxiety disorder, you cannot ignore the cause and go crave to the cure, nothing will happen. There is no miracle, there are techniques that you could use to cure horrible your panic attacks and anxiety. Nowadays there are plenty of programs out there designated to overcome anxiety and panic attacks, you will not even need medication, or even visiting a doctor, you can cure anxiety in the comfort of your own home. Some of the programs available have cured thousands and thousands of anxiety sufferers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: