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52 universities in mainland World University Rankings university among the top 30 original title: 52 universities in mainland China dengbang Peking University among the top 30 Broadcasting British Corporation reported yesterday, released 2016-2017 times higher education world university rankings before the University of Oxford in the UK for the first time become the top universities, the second is the California Institute of Technology in the United States had five, and another 19 among the top 200 Asian universities. British media reported that there are 52 universities in mainland China boarded the list, which ranked Peking University, Tsinghua University, ranked in the top thirty-fifth. According to reports, the ranking shows Asian universities ranked in the continued ascent, on the contrary, the European University ranking is mixed. Phil Bati, editor in chief of the rankings, said Asia is evolving into a super educational region, especially China, which is a strong contrast to europe. In this list, the Peking University is the highest ranking of the 52 universities in mainland China, which jumped from last year’s forty-second to the twenty-ninth place. Tsinghua University rose from forty-seventh last year to the top thirty-fifth. Hongkong, China has 6 universities on the list, of which the top 200 universities in the top 5. University of Hong Kong ranked forty-third in the first place in Hongkong university. Taiwan, China has 26 universities on the list, which ranked National Taiwan University in the 195th place, the rest of the universities are ranked outside the top 200.相关的主题文章: