45 year old woman in Guangzhou, a foreign man cara-a-cara hit in the past 3 million 150 thousand jessica rabbit

Guangzhou 45 year old woman love a foreign man not seen over the past 3 million 150 thousand hit the news office of Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau informed today (October 10th): the city of anti fraud telecommunications network center (hereinafter referred to as the "anti fraud center") recently by the police silver linkage, inter city cooperation, the success of a loss of funds by the network fraud victim. Millions of dollars. This also marks the Guangzhou city since September 20th, put into operation, set the alarm professional model, and joint combat involving funds involved in information, rapid disposal of cases of professional judgments, unified command, warning against propaganda prevention and other functions in one of the anti fraud center work is paying off. In September 27th 13, the anti fraud center received the victim Sohn (female, 45 years old, Yuexiu District people) alarm, said it was being cheated of more than 300. After a preliminary understanding of the police, Sohn in May this year to establish contact with the 1 alleged British man through a dating matchmaking website. In the meantime, the other side has been chatting with the sun through the network software and video, and to love on the grounds, cheated Sohn trust. The sun has not really met with foreign boyfriend. From June onwards, the "foreign boyfriend" repeatedly to the goods detained in Dubai, need to borrow money turnover "as an excuse to cheat Sohn several times to provide account transfer, a total of 3 million 150 thousand yuan from the sun. Until September, the other can not turn off the phone, sun found that cheated. The anti fraud center after receiving attention, immediately notify the local public security organs disposal of the police, the suspect accounts and the first time for the victim to take control measures, and coordination of industrial and commercial bank staff stationed in the center of the anti cheat query to suspect a level two account balance was 250 thousand yuan, 310 thousand yuan. Subsequently, actively cooperate with the industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the anti fraud center quickly clarify the funds involved to identify the two suspects, a bank account with water list, for the criminal investigation department judged the blow, and in control measures of industrial and Commercial Bank of feedback two accounts at the same time, the rapid implementation of the freeze on bank accounts involved 11 the amount of about 660 thousand yuan, frozen. With the in-depth investigation of the case, the police found the suspect account and a credit card in Guangdong city of Meizhou, city center and Meizhou anti fraud initiative against telecommunications fraud center to assist to freeze the account involved. To October 8th, after much effort, the anti fraud center has successfully freeze the case 14 involving bank accounts (including 1 credit card account), a total amount of about 1 million 50 thousand yuan frozen. Currently, the case is still under further investigation. It is reported that the city center anti cheat is the municipal government to fully implement the State Council, the Guangdong provincial government to combat telecommunications network governance joint meeting of new criminal work spirit, to further strengthen the city’s fight against illegal activities of telecom network governance model, and effectively protect people’s lives and property safety and peace decided to build, is a set of investigation, the focus of remediation, prevent and control integrated operation mechanism. The anti fraud office located in the center of the City Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau organized operation, through the authorities, telecom operators, in the police ear part of the bank and the public security organs related with the resources and authority in offices. The anti fraud center was 201.相关的主题文章: